Application pictures of Cleaner

High Pressure Saturated Steam Cleaning Machine Series

high performance, water saving, environmental protection


Developed and researched for many years, Beijing CMD Surface Technology Equipment Corp manufactures High Pressure Saturated Steam Cleaning Machine Series products and obtained state patent, Patent No: 200520005307.7. It features simple design, cost saving and satisfactory cleaning effect with high practical value.


Traditional cleaning machine uses high pressure water and chemical solvents. It wastes plenty of water and sewage with chemical substance will pollute the environment. High Pressure Saturated Steam Cleaning Machine only uses a few of water and no need any other chemical solvents. Using saturated steam’s features of dissolve, vaporize and evaporate obstinate oil stain and blemishes, High Pressure Saturated Steam Cleaning Machine can reach high performance, water saving, environmental protection, super clean and dryness. It is a revolution and set a good example in cleaning industry.


Application pictures of Cleaner


Common industry cleaning methods comparison




Saturated steam

Dry ice


High pressure




high temperature of saturated steam and high pressure to remove oil stain and blemishes

The frigid temperature of the dry ice -109.3°F or -78.5°C "blasting" against the material to be removed, causes it to shrink and loose adhesion from its sub surface

using organic or inorganic chemical cleaning Liquid to remove dirt, grease, or stains

professional equipment provides high pressure water with multi beam, multi direction, multi pressure

Ultrasonic frequencies generally range between 20 kilohertz and 50 kilohertz, It produces shock waves that undermine dirt and blast it off.



1. Wide applicability: machinery, painting, cold and hot process, electronics and food industry. energy, green environmental protection

3.low cost, easy to operate

No second pollution, only need to collect dirt Used in special industry of developed country.

Original and general method, cleaning liquid with acid or alkali erodes equipment.

Longer downtime, higher cost

Washing effect depend on water pump quality

Suit for fine particles, no effect for oil stain



Meet the requirements of environmental protection

Need to add collector

Serious pollution

Cleaning liquid hurt people and machine.

Serious pollution, being phased out gradually.

There is pollution if use chemical solvents


an internationally recognized high efficiency. 98%.

Excellent effect

Unable to pipe and hole, metal change after washing

Low efficiency,

need to dry

Good effect In some particular occasions


low cost,

low consumption,

no cost for environmental protection

High cost for equipment and dry ice

High cost for environmental protection

High cost for consumption and environmental protection

High cost, high consumption, complex technique


Improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity, raise cleaning efficiency, reduce production cost

Requires high airy environment and safety condition.

Damage electronic component, easy to rust.

Requires high water quality and labor protection

It is difficult to hold frequency, temperature, time and medium for deferent object


Application area

1.      Pretreatment of Mechanical Equipment in reproduction engineering

Oil and dirt removing for bulldozer, excavator, Mining Mechanical Equipment,

Oil and dirt removing for machine tool and processing machine

Oil and dirt removing for printing machinery, include offset printing and color printing

Oil and dirt removing for truck and engineering vehicles

Oil and dirt removing for all kinds of mechanical parts/component of above equipment

Oil and dirt removing for electric generator and motor



2.      Petroleum industry

Oil and dirt removing for drill string, drill bit, drill tube and pipeline in oil well.

Oil and dirt removing for oil drum, Oil can, oil storage tank

Oil and dirt removing for oil tank truck

Deicing and thaw for drill string, drill bit, drill tube and pipeline in winter





3.      Mechanical Industry:

Clean all kinds of machine tool, CNC Lathe and flexible machining systems.(after cleaning, the surface of equipment is dry, not getting rusty, not wear.)

Remove oil for parts after Processing

Remove oil for automotive chassis before printing and spraying plastic.

Clean inner wall for super thin oil tube

Online clean for all kinds of mold

Clean all size of bearing, gear, chain wheels and Pinion-gear

Remove glue, wax and paint for mechanical parts.




4.      Aviation industry

Remove rubber, oil and dirt for runway

Clean inner and outside of the airplane







5.      Navigation

Equip as cleaning tool for all kinds of ships include navy ships.( consume 10 Liter of water per hour)

Clean engine and fuel tank.








6.      Hotel


Clean Flue and smoke exhauster

Clean large pendent lamp and wall lamp

Clean indoor fan, air compressor and pipe of all kinds of air conditioner





7.      Railway transport

Clean and remove paint of load bearing axis of train

Clean parts and components of locomotive

Clean electric and electronic equipment of locomotive




8.      Electricity and electronics

Online clean Electric Appliance Cabinet, switch cabinet, electrical control cabinet, (During cleaning, the work piece is dry).

Online clean electrical coil and generator coil (During cleaning, the work piece is dry).

Online clean PCB, computer main board, chip (During cleaning, the work piece is dry).




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