Beijing CMD Surface Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. Located in high-tech zone of Shijingshan district in Beijing, 25KM west to Tian An Men Squarer. From 1990, we have developed and manufactured 12 series, 200 kinds of surface treatment equipments.CMD-AS series:
Arc spray equipment
CMD-xxxxxxxxx series opening Sandblasting Equipment
CMD-DB series trunk sand blasting equipment
CMD-HP series recycle Sandblasting Equipment
CMD-WB series trunk liquid sand blasting equipment
CMD-PS series Plastic Powder Blaze Spraying Equipment
CMD-PA series Plasma Spray Equipment
CMD-DG series Blast Spraying Equipment
CMD-Bxxx series High pressure saturated steam cleaning machine
CMD-xxxxxx E series high pressure airless spraying equipment
All kinds of nonstandard sand blasting room
All kinds of nonstandard shot blasting equipment
Trermal Sray
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